Why Social Media is Great For Transitioners
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I used to stalk women. It started about 8 years ago. I would randomly come across a beautiful photo of a woman on a social network and lurk through all of her pictures. I would then attempt to find her other social networks in hopes that I would be able to view more pictures I’d never seen. I know that sounds a bit strange, but in the natural hair community it’s a way of life. Finding inspiration on the internet as a transitioner keep me focused on my goal of becoming all natural.

If you have never heard of Instagram, it’s an online mobile photo-sharing social networking service that enables users to take pictures and videos and share them with their followers instantly. IG is ideal for transitioners because you can easily find a naturalista’s hair you adore and gain motivation. Hash tags also allow you to filter your search. It’s an excellent way to find hairstyle ideas from others who are experiencing what you are. Finding styles that compliment you is a major factor in surviving the long transition.

The best part? I’ve even had chicas leave comments under my Instagram photos stating, “I was just about to go to the store and buy a relaxer until I saw your hair” and “I was so frustrated with my hair but now I’m motivated to keep going”. There were many women I looked to for inspiration when I became scared, but just looking at the kinky roots sprouting from my scalp. Here are a few favorites to draw inspiration from: @justsza, @traceeellisross, @ellevarner and @saintrecords