Trust Me, Scissors Are Your Friend When Transitioning
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As a kid, I believed the myth, “If you cut your hair, it will never grow back.” This was a common misconception amongst my friends and I. Some of our classmates cut their hair and when they attempted to grow the style out their strands wouldn’t budge. It wasn’t that their hair stopped growing, it was simply breaking off just as fast as it grew in. The key for hair growth is in your hair care routine.

If you’re transitioning for a long period of time, it is best to snip the relaxed ends away slowly. This way your hair can maintain a full, healthy look as well as rid yourself of the chemically altered strands in the process.

Don’t be afraid to let go of your hair. Trimming transitioning hair is particularly important because it can appear damaged and unhealthy if you opt not to do so. Imagine your thick, natural hair sprouting from your roots and the ends of your hair are unbelievably thin and broken. If you’re visualizing hair that looks a mess, you’re right on target. Even if you choose not to get rid of the relaxer slowly as you transition, you still must trim your ends. Also, the more you trim the more volume you will get. Your hair will look more and more natural as you get rid of your straight hair. This also makes styling easier.

Let go of your child hood fears or any bad experiences you have had with scissors. You must re-teach yourself the importance of scissors in your healthy hair care regimen. It’s a good idea to become comfortable using scissors on your own hair. We all know when left in the hands of another, usually more hair than is expected falls to the floor and tears shortly follow. Trust yourself and never negate the importance of less is more.