Want to grow your hair out like Rapunzel’s lengths or get a fierce and edgy cut like Christette Michelle? Either way, you must be prepared before you dive head first into your new goal for the New Year.

If your goal is length, create (and follow!) a hair regimen that focuses on moisturizing your hair. Natural hair is dry and needs to be constantly replenished with the moisture that escapes the strands on a daily basis. Deep conditioning your hair and applying leave-in conditioner to the hair on a regular basis will work to provide the nourishment your strands need to prevent breakage. Remember, everyone’s hair grows at a different rate. Don’t compare your growth to anyone else’s.

If your hair goal is to get a fly cut that would even make Grace Jones envious, you should first consider a few things. Are you ready to commit to one look for a long time? Does it fit into your life? Short haircuts limit your hairstyle choices so you have to be prepared to find different ways to jazz up your hair.

How do you set your hair goals? What do you want? What will it take to achieve your hair goals and completely follow through with it? Dedication, and consistency are vital and most importantly have fun on your path to completion. Good luck and happy new year!