How to Identify a Great Hair Gel for Transitioning Hair
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Many of us associate gel with ratchet women who completely saturate their edges with it in an attempt to blend in their real hair. Usually, it leaves behind a flaky, caked up catastrophe that will make any witnesses vow to never use the product but it can be great assistance for naturals and transitioners alike.

Styling transitioning hair is lots of work because you have to keep your new growth under control and fully blended with your straight ends. Using a gel or jelly based product can greatly assist transitioners in the styling process. Avoid using cheap gels (the $1 or $2 kind from the local dollar store). They pretty much guarantee flakage. I have found that gels that aren’t dark work the best on my hair. Also, choose a gel that contains protein or a conditioning product that is actually helping the health of your hair. If you are unsure what to select, going the natural route is always the healthiest choice.

I like to lightly apply a leave-in conditioner to moisturize my hair before I apply the gel. Then I add the gel and olive oil. The oil helps to keep the gel from flaking. Next, I brush my edges in a downward motion and wrap my edges with a scarf. You can also use this same method when you are creating a bun for a super sleek look. Don’t be afraid of gel. It’s not just for hoodrats as some people say. It’s for gymrats and any natural who needs a little extra help creating hold as they style their hair.

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What has been your experience with gel?