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Are You A Professional Thinking About Transitioning?

Having a corporate job can create anxiety when you're considering transitioning to natural hair. before you transition, understand that natural hair IS professional.
Are You A Professional Thinking About Transitioning?
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The side eyes. The whispers. The snickers. You imagine walking into your job with a head full of kinky curls after big chopping and your co-workers condemn your new ‘do before they even fully see your amazing twist out. Having a corporate job can create anxiety when you’re considering transitioning to natural hair.

What will my boss say? Will he tell me my hair is unprofessional? This is a concern many women have. First off, natural hair IS professional. If your hair is clean (free of dirt and dandruff) and it is styled nicely, it is professional. There are hundreds of Black women in professional positions-even leading corporations with natural hair. The CEO of BET, Debra Lee, threw away her relaxed hair a year or so ago. She’s lead business meetings, attended awards shows and fundraisers all while rockin’ a cute little TWA. Mrs. Lee isn’t the only Black woman running thangs as she rocks her afro. Ursusla Burns, the Chairman and CEO of Xerox has been wearing her faded afro proudly for years. Please tell me again who said you can’t climb the corporate ladder with natural hair?

In the workplace, women are often marginalized and deemed weak when we simply want to be viewed as just as powerful as our male counterparts. This is all the more reason to go natural. I personally believe natural hair screams POWER. To me, it represents pride, resilience, strength, intelligence and integrity. Successful professionals are confident, willing to take risks and are strong-willed. Ms. Lee went natural in front of the judging eyes of millions. Take a note from her. No matter your circumstance, don’t allow someone to hinder you from living your best life; the way you choose to live it. Be bold, be beautiful…be natural!