Are You Dreading Your Big Chop? Here’s Some Advice…
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It was a Saturday and I decided I was going to big chop. I looked in the mirror, grabbed my scissors and thought, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Many women have extreme fears like this, but until you make such a drastic change to your look, you will never fully understand the emotional ups and downs one goes through. What you must do is push all negative thoughts out of your mind. I knew I wanted to be natural. I knew wanted to embrace who I was and didn’t want to be bound by chemicals and an image of beauty that was never meant for me.

So, the clipping began! I meticulously snipped every piece of straight hair away. I looked down at the floor and saw the relaxed hair I once loved so much in piles scattered around my feet. When I finished, I looked in the mirror. My limp hair seemed to stand with pride now. It was as if my hair was saying, “Heeey! I’m alive now!” I was beyond happy with how my hair looked and immediately sent pictures to my friends who were already natural. I was an official member of the natural hair movement. This gave me a deep sense of pride.

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My big chop went so well because I was prepared. I knew how long I wanted my hair to be before I big chopped and I set my big chop date at the point when I knew I would reach that length. I purchased the products that I wanted to experiment with and use on my hair as well as the proper tools. I also gave myself time to adjust to the new look…alone. I didn’t want anyone to be around. I didn’t want to hear their opinions or see the disapproving looks on their faces. Eliminate anyone and anything that will prevent your big chop from being a liberating and fulfilling experience.

It sounds cliché, but my big chop was freeing. If you are nervous about big chopping remember your reasons for making the decision to go natural in the first place. What was your goal? What were your true feelings? Focus on the preparation process and know that this will ensure a smooth and successful big chop. I was elated the night of my big chop and I wish the same for y’all. Look forward to your big chop date. It’s a day you will never forget.