How Tory Lanez Plans To Repay Tyga For New Hairline
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First things first, Tory Lanez is not wearing a weave. He’s growing his hair out thank you very much. The singer was adamant about letting the audience know in an interview with Buzy Baker on HipHopDX yesterday. While the discussion touched on several topics such as colorism in music videos, his new project Chixtape 5, and touring with Chris Brown and Drake, it was his hairline that got the internet buzzing.

“If you look back at my old pictures, my only issue was [that] my corners were back here. I fixed my corners and I let the rest of my hair grow in,” he said. “I’m coming back with the braids. I’m coming back crazy on y’all. Y’all think it’s a joke.”

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The “Say It” singer revealed that when he met Tyga he asked the rapper for the secret to his hair growth–which essentially was the contact information for his hair doctor.

“I met Tyga and I was like ‘I will give you unlimited features for the rest of your life.’ I’m too young to be looking like this dog. I can’t do it,” he said through a laugh. “He has an unlimited features pass with me for giving up the secret.”

How Tory Lanez Plans To Repay Tyga For New Hairline

While Lanez might have been laughing, we know he’s not joking. A feature can cost an artist a hefty coin, and he’s been able to bypass that expenditure by being highly sought after for hooks. But Lanez revealed in the episode that he charges $75,000 to bless another artist’s track.

Multiply that by unlimited features and we’d say Tyga got a pretty sweet deal out of this. For Lanez, it was a worthy trade to get back to looking like himself. Even fans commented that his mixtape is sure to be fire because he got his hair back, according to Baker.

As for the hairline secret, Tyga gave up the go-to guy a little over a year ago when he was dragged into a nasty social media feud between Safaree and Nicki Minaj over hair transplant surgery.

We talk about edges almost daily because of the special place that they have in Black hair culture. So we understand that it doesn’t simply begin and end with the ladies. And we commend the gentlemen who are not afraid, or ashamed, to seek help in the name of hair growth when they’re in need.