This Man Weave Transformation Is A Must-See
Stock Image/Getty Images

When I sat down with John Cotton, New York’s treasured hand in weave for men, I was intrigued by what he’s able to do for his clients. The man weave service is no longer a mysterious phenomenon to many, but it’s still exciting to see these gents go from having spotty patches of hair and receding hairlines, to gorgeous waves and high top curls that appear to be growing out of their scalps.

In this IGTV video posted by Dr Meddexx, a barber in Québec City, Canada, we get to see the process of laying a man weave from the first glue down to the finishing spray. The client also chose to add a little something extra with a streak of blond in his fade—which the barber does by including a block of blond textured hair.

It’s an interesting process, and based on the comments applauding the transformation and calling it next level hair, people are still both curious about it and captivated by it. Soon, getting a man weave will be just as popular as weaves for women. The stigma around it that makes a client wear a mask at his install (when being recorded) will no longer exist.

And as the market for weave for men increases, barbers like Meddexx, John Cotton, and man weave pioneer Wade Martinez will be in even higher demand. In the meantime, we’ll continue to watch awe-inspiring videos like this, that capture the essence of just how skilled these barbers and hairstylists are. They really are changing people’s lives (and perspectives), one man weave at a time.

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