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These Beautiful Images Of Black Women And Their Natural Hair Are A Must-See

Josef Adamu created the photo series 'The Hair Appointment' to encourage young Black girls to feel beautiful.
For far too long, a singular type of beauty was visually represented by mainstream media and large beauty companies. Not only are these very narrow depictions of what beauty looks like untrue, but not seeing ourselves deemed as beautiful has been detrimental to many women of color. Thankfully there are now creatives, and brands, committed to showing the full range of beauty.
One such individual is Josef Adamu, founder and creative director of Sunday School; an agency dedicated to the production of creative content, brand direction, and media marketing. The Toronto-native wants to ensure Black women and the multitudes of their beauty are constantly on display for public consumption. This desire led him to his most recent project The Hair Appointment, a photo series that shows the beauty of Black women and young Black girls’ natural hair.
“I believe the idea of hair braiding needed to be celebrated and glorified through a full project. It is a very significant part of Black culture, and many people resonate with the overall experience,” he shares with ESSENCE.
The inspiration for the series is Adamu’s childhood and the moments he remembers most are those spent in the hair salon and barbershop. “I felt it was important to make a statement through a project that emphasizes the roots of hair braiding and everything else associated,” he goes on to share.
Adamu wants young Black girls especially to feel pride and confidence early on. “The visuals we distribute are very influential to the next generation, and I believe that The Hair Appointment is a perfect example of an encouraging piece for young Black women,” he says.
The images we see or don’t see from an early age, greatly impact how we develop our sense of self which is why projects like this one are so crucial. While creatives like Adamu are helping to push the conversation forward, it’s also imperative that large beauty brands also follow suit in creating diverse and inclusive images.
Keep scrolling to see the stunning images created by Adamu and his team.
To learn more about his work, be sure to visit: www.ssunday.co.