Terrific Textures: A Celebration Of Black Women's Incredible Crowns

Here celebrity hairstylist Nikki Nelms pays homage to our enviable tresses.
Julee Wilson Aug, 24, 2018

Our various curl patterns are just one part of what makes us so magical. Here celebrity hairstylist Nikki Nelms pays homage to our enviable tresses. 

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“So many of us were taught to feel limited when it comes to the Afro,” Nelms says. The New York City–based hairstylist incorporated vibrant hairpieces to give this look more definition: “I wanted to show just how versatile and colorful and gorgeous this texture can be.”

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“It’s as if each curl has its own little story and its own little life,” Nelms says. “I didn’t bother the curls here—I just let them keep doing their thing. What better way to show that off than to simply add rhinestones?”

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“This look is art,” says Nelms, who used wire and hair extensions to manipulate the model’s mane. “When I work with hair like this, I see strength, resilience and possibilities. There’s so much you can do with it. It’s unmatched.”

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“Her hair texture is so full yet appears to be light,” notes Nikki Nelms, who counts Janelle Monáe and Zoë Kravitz among her ­clients. “I wanted to create a shape and style that reflect just how regal and goddesslike this texture is.”


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