Are Split Ends The Reason Your Hair Won’t Grow? 6 Signs It’s Time To Trim Your Ends
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Knowing when it is time to trim your hair is one of those obscure hair tasks that just never gets easier. There are so many factors to consider that it can be difficult to create an exact timeline of when it’s time to get your ends clipped! Now that fall’s in full swing, there’s no better time than the present to have a professional help us get our ends together.

We tapped the expertise of Emmy nominated celebrity hairstylist Derick Monroe to give us the scoop and share tell tale signs that it may be time to get a much needed trim!

Splitting/Thinning Ends 

One major tell-tale that you may due for a trim is splitting and thinning ends. Not sure what they look like? Take a close look at the end of your strands, if you notice a split or fray then you’ve got them. Be sure to take care of them ASAP since avoiding split ends can cause serious hair damage.

Excessive Tangling 

If you’ve been experiencing super tangled and knotted tresses, especially at the ends of your hair, go ahead and make an appointment to get those ends clipped. Chances are your hair cuticle is frayed and causing friction on the hair shaft, but getting a trim can help. 

Dry and Brittle Ends

Another tell tale sign that your ends need some lovin’ is when they become extremely dry and brittle. Especially as we move into the colder months and hair rubs against hats and scarves, it becomes more susceptible to split ends. So be sure to keep up with your trims to prevent additional dryness and breakage. 

Extreme Shedding 

While a bit of shedding is normal (the average person looses about 100 strands a day) excessive shedding is not. If you find that your hair is breaking off excessively, or more than it normally does, it’s time to book a hair appointment STAT.  

Flat and Dull Hair

Used to your hair blowing in the wind and having all the bounce, but recently your hair has been falling flat and not giving you your usual volume? Most likely your hair is being weighed down by frayed/split ends. When you notice that your hair isn’t giving what it used to, chances are it’s time for a nice healthy trim.

It’s Just About That Time

Plain ‘ol time is a good indicator that it’s time for a trim. If you’ve gone years without a trim then it’s probably time to get one. Derick recommends that you should get your ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks depending on your individual lifestyle. Don’t wait until you have split and damaged hair to get a trim, be consistent with your routine.

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