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Tasha Smith Talks Hairstyles and Tyler Perry's 'For Better Or Worse'

The actress dishes on hairstyles worn on the new season of the hit TV show.
Tasha Smith Talks Hairstyles and Tyler Perry’s ‘For Better Or Worse’
D’Andre Michael

There’s no denying that Tasha Smith is a hair girl. Her hairstyles have run the gamut from short to long flowing weaves, and she has the personality to match each one. With that in mind, it’s perfect for Tasha to star as Angela Williams, the owner of a successful beauty salon in Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.

Here, we chat with the funny lady to get the scoop on what we can expect from the star on the hit TV show.

ESSENCE.com: Describe your various hairstyles?
Tasha Smith: I’m a Black woman who loves hair. I enjoy changing my hair, having fun with it—just hair! I go from braids, to weaves, to wigs, to natural hair. And I enjoy all of the fabulous hair options we have available to us today.

ESSENCE.com: What hairstyles can we expect to see on the new season of For Better or Worse?
Smith: I’m hoping we can make Angela’s hair a little funkier using highlights and color.

ESSENCE.com: We hear you like to throw down in the kitchen! Do you happen to use any items from the kitchen for your hair?
Smith: Yes, I use honey to condition my hair and eggs for protein. Also, mayonnaise and olive oil are great options for keeping it moisturized.”

ESSENCE.com: Your skin is flawless! What products are you into these days?
Smith: Right now I’m using Epicuren cleanser and creams and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I’m addicted to it!

ESSENCE.com: What new with your Us fragrance?
Smith: We’re doing great! We are working on more distribution opportunities. People can go to Justtasha.com to order.

ESSENCE.com: What can we expect to see on the new season of For Better or Worse?
Smith: Drama, drama and more drama! Some scary things are gonna happen with Angela!

Tune in April 9 at 9pm ET/PT on OWN!