We’ve seen Taraji P. Henson with her natural hair for weeks now and she’s showing no signs of slowing down the slay.

Back in July, she first dropped news on fans that she would soon be debuting a hair care line when she posted a photo wearing her natural hair with the caption: “All natural and I f—in LOVE IT!!! can’t wait to share my hair care system with you #TPHBYTARAJI.”

We don’t know very much about Taraji’s new hair care system as she and her camp have been pretty tight-lipped about it as they get closer to the roll out.

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But we do know three things: it’s called TPH by Taraji, it’s going to be good for natural hair as it’s “hair care for the culture,” and if it gets our tresses looking as good as Taraji’s, we’ll be first in store to get ours.

Her most recent twist out video on Instagram moves pretty quickly, but you don’t need to slow it down to see the end result—her hair is fire. She also finally dropped an Instagram handle for the hair care line, where you can finally see a logo for the brand. The account already has more than 5,000 followers.

We’re still waiting to find out the release date and what the first collection will include, so we’ll be Insta-stalking Taraji’s page for more teasers as the fall season approaches.


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