Aside from her powerhouse vocals, Tamar Braxton is also known for head-turning hairstyles. But as we’ve recently learned, behind the gorgeous facade was someone who felt captive to their hair and beauty looks.

In an effort to take a big step towards freedom, the singer made a dramatic beauty change. On Wednesday, Tamar shared a video of her sitting in her barber’s chair with the caption finally free. 

✂️ finally free

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One could only assume that the singer had shaved her hair, but it wasn’t until a follow-up post that it was confirmed. She shared a fun filtered photo of the finished look —  a gorgeous shaven head showcasing her high cheekbones and beautiful face.

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She used the opportunity to  that she finally felt free from the opinions of others, herself, and that it’s up to us to choose victory.

We’re here for Tamar’s new look and wish her all the best on her journey of self-love and freedom! If you’re thinking about going #baldandbeautiful, here’s some major inspiration.