It’s New York Fashion Week and while droves of fashion fanatics are checking out the latest clothing trends, naturalistas in the Big Apple gathered to see the hottest curls and kinks at the Textures on the Runway show.

The event, hosted by TextureMedia, showcased the newest cuts, color, products, and styles for natural hair as interpreted by the world’s leading hair stylists.

“Being a part of ‘Texture on the Runway’ means we gain the opportunity to share our vision for creative, fashion-forward, multi-textured styles,” said participating natural hair stylist Nick Arrojo. “It’s so important that the event is during New York Fashion Week because we live in a culture where hairdressers follow in the footsteps of fashion.”

Cassidy Blackwell of TextureMedia said the event also aimed to prove that naturally curly and textured hair can be a statement, too.

“At Fashion Week, the focus is so much about the clothing, but we wanted to create an event around hair that was really powerful,” said Casidy Blackwell.  ”Hair is a fashion statement and we wanted to make that message clear.” 

Check out all the textured tresses we spotted at Fashion Week’s inaugural natural hair show inside!