A Look Back At Oprah Winfrey's Legendary Hair Journey 

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Today, her tresses are "laid for the gawds."

Samantha Callender Jan, 27, 2017

Aside from being the Queen of daytime television and the CEO of a media empire, Oprah is known for her (dare we say iconic) hairstyles. From her teased hair in the 80s to her flipped out bob in the new millennium and her current long tresses, Oprah’s hair has always made a statement.

We have Andre Walker to thank for these mane moments. Oprah’s longtime stylist and friend Andre Walker has worked with her since the ’80s and even created his own special hair care line.

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As a show of our appreciation for Mama O, who celebrates her birthday this weekend (January 29), let’s take a look at some of her most fabulous hair moments throughout the years.

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Mama O is giving us 80s teased realness with this look.

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This fluffed and teased look was a classic look for Oprah in the '80s.

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This pixie shows off Oprah’s slender face, really making her features pop.

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This pixie is teased and fluffed making it full.

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Here, O gives us a teased, flipped under bob.

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Here she is sporting a flipped bob on the red carpet.

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This flipped bob is just one word: iconic.

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These full and bouncy brown curls frame O’s face beautifully.

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We're loving this tossed tresses look!

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These natural curls are full and voluminous.

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Casual curls give this look simple sophistication.

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A goddess braid takes Ms. Winfrey's look from casual to chic.

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She gives us volume goals with this high and thick ponytail.

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These slightly tossed tresses are pulled back into a sleek pony that really makes a statement.

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Super sleek, super chic, and super laid is how we’d describe this look.