15 Amazing Solange-Inspired Beaded Hairstyles You Have To See From Instagram
While it’s been a year since Solange made her epic beaded debut in her now infamous Don’t Touch My Hair video, we’re still completely and utterly obsessed with the singer’s ‘do. Of course beads and shells have long been a staple hair accessory for Black women, but these days, they’ve taken on a life of their own.
With natural hair and sleek braids being the styles de jour, many are adorning their crowns with beads, twine, and shells to decorate their looks. We’ve compiled some of the best beaded and puka shell looks from Instagram to inspire you to add some personality to your protective styles. Take a peak below and start thinking of future styles that allow you to these fab accessories.   1. Beads and gems.  2. Long braids with wooden beads.  3. Perfectly placed puka shells. 4. Shells on loose curls.  5. Perfectly adorned cornrows.  6. Twisted hair jewelry. 7. Forget friendship necklaces, friendship beads are the latest trend.  8. Keep things nice and centered. 

One day we shall all find what we are looking for on the floor 😂

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9. Hair jewels also looks great on locs. 10. The bigger the better when it comes to hair jewels. 11. Brown Beaded Beauty 12. Wrap-it up with scarves and beads.  13. Luscious locs and jewels.  14. Adorned top knots.  15. Add a bit of twine to take things up a notch.  Inspired yet?

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