Solange Calls Out Magazine For Photoshopping Her Braid From The Cover
Mireya Acierto/Getty Images
In the year since A Seat at the Table, Solange’s powerful songs about Black beauty and natural hair have become the anthem for so many. So it’s hard to believe that people, and even magazines, have yet heed her call to stop touching our hair — which is exactly what happened earlier this week. Known for being vocal about her opinions, Solange, who is the latest cover star for the UK-based magazine Evening Standard, took to Instagram to tell the publication “dtmh” (aka don’t touch my hair) after realizing they had photoshopped her braid from the cover image. On the cover Solange wears her newly blonde tresses braided and styled by Joanne Petit-Frere and Vernon François, but without a tall braided halo that was seen and visible in nearly all of the other pictures. So why would the Evening Standard do such a thing? The publication has yet to provide any answers as to why the original image was photoshopped to remove the beautiful braided crown. In the meantime, we’ll be loudly and proudly blasting “Don’t Touh My Hair.”