We’re not the only ones who want the details on Skai Jackson’s new do. Recently, the actress switched up her look with beautiful goddess twists, which she recently revealed were styled by natural hair artist Lashondra in an Instagram live video on Wednesday. In the same video, a fan asked, “Who did your hair?” which prompted an unknown acquaintance seen in the video, who appears to be a White woman, to ask Jackson questions about her twists.

“Who did your hair? Someone asked,” says the woman. “And you sleep in this hair—that seems so painful.”

Jackson appeared taken back by the question, but she used this opportunity to educate the woman on protective styling.

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“Yes, I sleep in this hair every night. How else would I sleep?” says Jackson. “That seems so painful,” replied the acquaintance. “Look, they’re soft. Feel them. They’re not painful.”

In the clip, the woman can be seen touching Jackson’s hair. While most Black women don’t want you touching their hair, the invitation to do so may have given Jackson’s acquaintance a better understanding.

“Oh, my God. They are soft. You know it doesn’t look soft. Is this how it is for every braid ever?”

Although Jackson appears annoyed, the 17-year-old goes on to clear things up about her hair. “This is not a braid. This is a twist. [Braids] are harder.”

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Fans appear to support the educational moment. The video was shared to several Instagram accounts, where one person commented, “The best way to bridge differences is to have dialogue and feel free to ask questions. Better to gain knowledge than stay in ignorance.”

“Listen this is how people stay ignorant because y’all don’t want to teach them or correct them. I give her props for not touching her hair first without being invited. It might be annoying with all the questions but at least she’s trying to educate herself. Drop y’all white friends a few cliff notes on black hair and etiquette,” another fan added.


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