30 Black Women With Seriously Stunning Sisterlocks

Thanks to social media, we're never without hair inspiration. Whether you're a weave wearer or transitioning naturalista, it seems there's always a style to obsess over. As of late, we've seen more and more women embrace a hairstyle that's been around for quite some time: sisterlocks. They're a smaller version of your standard locs, installed using a unique parting grid and special tool to twirl the strands into place. When installed properly, they can be a stylish solution for those who want a no-fuss look. If you're still on the fence about whether to take on the loc life, get inspired by these beautiful black women wearing seriously stunning sisterlocks. 

Nikki Brown Oct, 18, 2016

1 of 30 @vinolocs/instagram

Sister locs in side profile? Yes, please! 

2 of 30 @danionpurpose/Instagram

Loving this color! 

3 of 30 @thelatoya/Instagram

This take on the traditional bob is giving us life! 

4 of 30 @truqueen85/Instagram

As you can see, there are a million in one ways to style your sisterlocks. 

5 of 30 @imadamejay/Instagram

One word: flawless. 

6 of 30 @k_stetic/instagram

This color is perfect for fall! 

7 of 30 @thehouseofheritage/instagram

Half up, half down styles are always in. 

8 of 30 @thehouseofheritage/instagram

Messy top bun for the win; obsessed! 

9 of 30 @thehouseofheritage/instagram

Pose for the camera! These sisterlocks are fab. 

10 of 30 @dloc_sisters/instagram

We love seeing beautiful black women embrace this hairstyle!

11 of 30 @jessicaelease/instagram

Wear your hair like a crown (literally). 

12 of 30 @katanamalone/instgram

Come through with the vibrant hue! 

13 of 30 @jasminedefined/instagram

Simply gorgeous! 

14 of 30 @coilscurlsncocktails/instagram

Loving the ombre effect in these sisterlocks! 

15 of 30 @brosiaaa/instagram

These jet black sisterlocks are giving us life! 

16 of 30 @nappyrootz15/instagram

She looks like a queen! 

17 of 30 @thelocgallery/instagram

She's killing the hair game in her sisterlocks. 

18 of 30 @raw_natural_beauty/instagram

Loving the added texture in her sisterlocks! 

19 of 30 @bushe.n.beautiful/instagram

The random pops of blonde locs are so cute. 

20 of 30 @truqueen85/instagram

We're green with envy over these emerald sisterlocks. 

21 of 30 @naturallyjazzy/instagram

Wavy and fabulous! 

22 of 30 @thelatoya

They're slaying the hair game together; love! 

23 of 30 @flana3/instagram

How cool are the curly ends on her sisterlocks?! 

24 of 30 @thelocgallery

These sisterlocks literally look sunkissed. So beautiful! 

25 of 30 @sandradownie/instagram

She's glowing! Smile on, sister. 

26 of 30 @melanin_rich_girls/instagram

If we had her gorgeous locs, we'd be flauntin' them, too. 

27 of 30 @thelocgallery/instagram

We're obsessed with her bob length sisterlocks. 

28 of 30 @sisterlocked/instagram

Now this is how you throw shade! 

29 of 30 @dreadheadd/instagram

Yes, queen! 

30 of 30 @thehouseofheritage/instagram

This up-do is beautiful! 


# Locs


# Locs