16 Badass Black Women Slaying In Shaved Hairstyles

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Short hair, don't care! 

Nikki Brown Feb, 02, 2017

Anyone who has done a big chop can attest to the euphoric feeling that often comes with it. As the strands are snipped away, we envision a fresh start on all fronts, with our mane leading the way.

Now, that doesn’t excuse the painstaking process of actually deciding to go through with it. For most of us, a haircut requires meticulous consideration and planning. After all, there are a million and one ways to slay in a super short coif.

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Thankfully, we have the interwebs readily available with inspo for such a drastic change. Long hairstyles are fierce, but there’s just something about a shaved or full on bald look that makes us feel bold and brave.  Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling and feast your eyes on a host of Black beauties that live by the mantra, “short hair, don’t care!”


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2 of 16 @ms_tahirah/instagram

This is literally a cutting edge look. 

3 of 16 @sambialieu/ instagram

Loving this icy blue hue! 

4 of 16 @infntry.damier/instagram

We're green with envy. 

5 of 16 @ohhhjas_/instagram

Only for the bold and brave. 

6 of 16 @stepthebarber @eve_thenakedtruth/instagram

The slay is so real. 

7 of 16 @iamchanique/instagram

Just simply beautiful. 

8 of 16 @tyrisha/instagram

Who needs accessories when you've got ink?

9 of 16 @alissa.ashley/ instagram

Fierce and fab! 

10 of 16 @diormarzette/ instagram

This cut is dark and lovely. 

11 of 16 @stepthebarber @1cambeauty

We're getting Storm (X-Men) vibes. 

12 of 16 @kimcarnyc/ instagram

What a bright and beautiful hue! 

13 of 16 @imcrystals/instagram

She. Is. Serving. Love it! 

14 of 16 @stepthebarber @9shadesbyj/instagram

We're so here for the cuts and her piercings! 

15 of 16 @shxnicci/instagram

In love with this beautiful shade! 

16 of 16 @sambialieu/instagram

Shining bright like the sun!