15 Times Jennifer Hudson Slayed In Her Short Coif 

Since committing to the big chop, Jennifer Hudson's mane moments have been fabulous and memorable. It takes a confident woman to wear super short hair under a global microscope, but the singer and actress does it with ease. In honor of the beauty chameleon's 35th birthday, we're looking back at all of the times she undeniably slayed in her short coif.  

Nikki Brown Sep, 12, 2016

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J-Hud's close cut is proof that you don't need long locks to make a beauty statement. 

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Even with a short pixie, Jennifer has styled it in a myriad of diverse ways. 

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Who could forget when she slicked it down to perfection?!

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Last year, Jennifer shut New York Fashion Week down with this short hair moment. 

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J-Hud's side swept bang made for a chic and easy upgrade to her pixie do. 

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The singer and actress also flaunted her bold hairstyle while promoting Chiraq. 

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Jennifer definitely pulled off pointed bangs while promoting her work in The Color Purple. 

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Jennifer's silky smooth bangs were the perfect match for this silky smooth ensemble. 

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For the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards, Hudson wasn't afraid to slick her pixie straight to the back. Is she pulling this off?

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J-Hud has also had fun playing with the shape of her cut. We love the way she styled extra hair on top for this appearance. 

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You simply can't ignore this fingerwave look that Jennifer wore to the 2016 Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony. It's perfect! 

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We can't stop staring at the curls in J-Hud's short cut. We're obsessed with how amazing they look against her tapered sides. 

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Even when she keeps it simple, Jennifer Hudson's hair moments are a must see! 

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And she continues to dominate the hair game at this year's Toronto Film Festival. Slay on, Ms. Hudson!