The ABCD's Of Maintaining A Super Low Haircut 

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If you're rocking a caesar, these tips and tricks will keep your mane in check at all times. 

Bukky Ojeifo Jun, 21, 2017

Short and sexy low haircuts have taken over our social media timelines. From the creative and detailed designs, to the added cultural adornments, to the quiet power of a simple caesar cut, we are literally obsessed and can’t get enough of this low maintenance look!

However, wearing a caesar or low cut doesn’t mean you should completely forgo a daily routine. Here are four things to keep in mind if you’re living the “short hair, don’t care” life.  

This feature originally appeared in the July 2017 Issue of ESSENCE Magazine.

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In addition to sheen and moisture products, add in a gel pomade.  This hybrid styling product will help control flyaways and provide shine. 

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Expect to see your barber every 2- 3 weeks to maintain your cut! Do the proper research to select a barber that has adequate experience and respects your hair. There is nothing worse than putting your hair goals in the hands of someone who is looking to get you in and out of their chair as soon as possible. 

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In between barber visits, a boar bristle brush is the ultimate on-the-go lifesaver. Invest in one with a soft and hard side. The one you use most will depend on the length of your hair as well as the products you're using.

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Right now, you may be serving us some serious side-eye, but rocking a du-rag at night will help prevent moisture loss while you sleep, as well as help with laying your hair down in place. Don't knock it until you try it! 

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