Hot Hair: The Chicest Short Cuts of All Time

Short cuts rule!  Don't believe us?  Yesterday, Beyoncé revealed a chic new pixie cut following in the footsteps of stars like Rihanna and Halle Berry who love to rock cropped hair with flair.  Here, we take a look at more of the most memorable pixies of all time.


Nicole Marie Melton Aug, 08, 2013

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This week, Beyoncé revealed her new super-short pixie on Instagram. We've never seen Bey in hair this short but we have to admit it looks fab on the soulful songstress.

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Berry has been rocking her cropped coif since the late 90's and we must admit it's one of the styles we love the most on the star.

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Williams' perfect pixie emphasizes her dreamy almond eyes and megawatt smile.

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MC Lyte

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Ever since "Eva the Diva" rose to fame on America's Next Top Model, she's been a fan of wearing short hair in spicy colors!

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When Chrisette Michele first stepped on the scene, not only were we smitten with her powerhouse vocals, but we were enthralled by her chic cut, too.

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This British bombshell has been a longtime fan of rocking a short, sassy haircut.

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We've seen Ms. Jackson rock every hairstyle in the book —long waves, "Dookie braids," kinky ringlets— but this woman sure does look hot in short hair, don't 'cha think?

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What better way to emphasize those gorgeous, bright brown eyes than with a face-framing, pixie?  King has her signature style down pat.

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Post her long-haired Destiny's Child days, Williams decided to embrace a new look complete with a head-turning haircut. 

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Now we know why Ms. Leakes is so rich after all—her trademark crop looks like a million bucks.

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Monica stole our hearts as a young teen rocking her short hair with sass.  Now that she's all grown up, this style still looks fierce on her.

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Braxton is another star who's been loyal to her pixie cut for decades now.  She can rock a mean weave too, don't get us wrong, but the pixie will remain one of our favorite styles on her.

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Now we know why Ms. Leakes is so "rich."  After all, she’s got a platinum pixie that looks like a million bucks!

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Bassett's spiky pixie is elgant yet edgy and speaks volumes about the style of this award-winning star.

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Loads of ladies have been inspired by Long and her statement-making short strands over the years.

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Parker is the perfect candidate for short hair given her amazing face structure and brilliant hazel eyes. She wears this style well.

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As a newly-inducted member of the "cropped cutie club," Mowry's bold haircut is a perfect ten in our book!

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Queen Mary is one of the most adventurous stars when it comes to her hair, so it's no surprise that she's worn short hair more than a few times over the course of her career.