10 Beautiful Women Who Will Inspire You To Shave Your Head

Gone are the days when long locks were the only style considered feminine or acceptable. Nowadays, less is more; hair included. More than ever, women are redefining beauty by letting go of the hair on top of their heads and famous ladies like Amber Rose aren’t the only ones doing it! Get inspired by these 10 beauties, who will inspire you to consider starting fresh with a shaved head. 

Ezinne Mgbeahuruike Sep, 16, 2016

1 of 10 @karenolla/Instagram

Having low­cut or no hair adds beautiful dimension to the face.

2 of 10 @findingpaola/Instagram

No matter how you choose to style your short haircut, it will always look chic and effortless. We're always in awe of Paola's beautiful mane. 

3 of 10 @courtwedd/Instagram

A beat face and bald head are the perfect combination. We love how natural Courtney’s makeup looks in this mood lighting.

4 of 10 @caxmee/Instagram

Much like Cax, sometimes you want to keep it simple and carefree by letting go of your locks.

5 of 10 @chrismiss_/Instagram

You can also play with cool designs by having your barber craft them into your next cut. Adding a subtle line is just the edge any girl needs.

6 of 10 @justjoykendi/Instagram

Take your hair from flat to funky with dye! Not only is this blonde making Joy’s skin glow, but the full brows adds a subtle “umph” to her face.

7 of 10 @sarahmfrancois/Instagram

Be sure to play up your cutting edge hairstyle with an equally head turning beauty look and accessory like Sarah.

8 of 10 @pjuls/Instagram

Sometimes, a shaved head is the best accessory for any outfit; just ask this beauty!

9 of 10 @styleenthusiast/Instagram

StyleEnthusiast cut her hair 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She has a thing for glasses and that’s what makes her bald fade stand out even more.

10 of 10 @iamhamamat/Instagram

If you’re not ready to take the full plunge, consider starting with a short coif like Hamamat. She's gorgeous! 


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