Sevyn Streeter Dishes On Why The Gray Hair Trend is Here to Stay
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Before Sevyn storms the stage at our annual music festival, she takes a moment to share why she loves wigs and why the gray hair trend is the perfect look for her. Read on for more on Sevyn Streeter. What made you want to try the gray hair trend?
Streeter: Two year’s ago I was Storm for Halloween and I said at the time, oh my God I want to change my hair. And, I wanted to match my music with my hair. At the time I had my single out and I wanted to try something new. Something a little adventurous and I ended up loving it so much. Yeah, I noticed that a lot of women are wearing gray hair. Do you think this trend will stay for a while or do you think it’ll be fleeting?
Streeter: I think that even if it does go away it’ll be back at some point. Right now we’re in a 90’s phase in fashion. But, even if the gray hair trend goes away for a bit, in a couple years it will be back. It’s a great look. Yes, it looks great on you. Did you actually dye your hair or was that a wig or weave?
Streeter: It was definitely a wig. Absolutely. A lot of dyes and chemicals are [harsh] on your hair. Wigs are my best friend, I love them. Short wigs, long wigs, grey wigs, black wigs. I love myself a good wig. What style is your favorite? Are you more of a short of long-wig girl?
Streeter: Now, I’m in a short wig phase. But, I’m sure that will change soon. What brand of the weaves and wigs are you wearing these days?
Streeter: It changes, sometimes I have a hairstylist who makes wigs for me, and other times I find one at a random hair store. How do you maintain your hair on and off stage?
Streeter: After years and years of being in the industry, I’ve found that sometimes you don’t have a hairstylist or a makeup artist. You learn your curl pattern and you learn different ways to apply makeup and you learn just the foundation. Do you have any hair and beauty tips?
Streeter: I’ve definitely learned the importance of finding the right foundation. Right now I love this foundation by Kat Von D. I am obsessed with it. The coverage is amazing. It goes on like creamy but it dries really quickly so you’ve got to make sure that you apply it the right way. I just like how it just sits, it sits in your skin as opposed to sitting on top and looking cakey. What direction do you see the beauty industry moving towards, especially for black women?
Streeter: I think beauty for black women is in the best place that it’s ever been and it’s only going to get better. We’re learning more and more about our skin every single day. And, brands are starting to develop more things for us. We’re in a great place. Ok, I have to ask this, what color hair are you wearing at ESSENCE Festival?
Streeter: You have to wait and see!