This $6 Hair Gel Is A Must-Have For Sleek Ponytails
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Rihanna makes everything look easy. And her beauty looks are no exception. At the 51st NAACP Awards, the 32-year-old was spotted donning a sleek structural ponytail, and not a single strand was out of place.

And as effortless as Rihanna made the hairstyle look, the truth is, when you have textured tresses, maintaining smooth and shiny hair can be challenging—but RiRi proves with Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Define & Shine Gel Serum,  it can be done.

Using the affordable hair gel formulated for curls, coils, and waves, celebrity hairstylist Yusef Williams locked Rihanna’s sleek and shiny ponytail in place.

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“When I saw her dress, the first thing I noticed was how voluminous it was. I wanted to create something that would perfectly complement the dress, so we decided to do something sleek, a structural ponytail,” says Yusef.

“This is a look every girl will want to – and can – recreate tomorrow!”  And since the affordable hair gel that fights frizz, reduces breakage, and enhances shine is available at our local drug store, we can.