Is Your Significant Other Overprotective of Your Hair? Mine Is!
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When I first met Steve my hair was armpit length and he had absolutely no idea what a hair journey was. I gradually informed him of all the hair acronyms, do’s and don’ts, and of course my regimen; he was intrigued. Over the years, Steve has seen my hair grow from APL to borderline WL! He’s seen my highs and my lows, my struggles and my triumphs. One thing I know for sure, he’s 100% supportive of my hair journey including the time and effort I put into ensuring my hair remains healthy while relaxed.

With that being said, he can be quite overprotective of my hair – you didn’t read that wrong! For instance, if he notices I’m slipping on my routine due to sheer laziness at times, he’ll whip me into shape and I’ll get back on track! We all need that sometimes. He’s awfully particular about how much I trim off my ends. If I trim off too much best believe he has something to say! Also, he reminds me not to use too much heat in my hair and not to relax too soon. Oh and I can’t forget the many times where he’ll request a certain hairstyle, i.e. braid-outs, for me to wear. He loves braid-outs!

Don’t get me wrong, Steve’s over protective ways can be quite annoying at times, but I love it. His over protectiveness is far from controlling, but more so a “stay-on-track-or-you’ll-have-a-set-back” type of approach. To me, his actions show how much he cares and consciously values the health and care of my hair. He understands my passion to achieve healthier hair while helping others and because my hair journey is important to me, it’s important to him too! He makes sure that I stay on track and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Is your significant other overprotective of your hair? Does he make his opinions known when it comes to your hair?