Flexi rods are the new sexy! They can give you that perfect heat-less curl with the use of a moisturizer and setting lotion. They are extremely flexible, simple to use with amazing results for any occasion. I’ve used as little as two rods to achieve big loose curls with lasting hold. Here are a few reasons why flexi rods are your friend:

1. Heat-Free

Gone were the days where you had to use a curling iron to achieve curls. With the use of flexi rods, you can achieve a beautiful style without the use of direct heat. Heat-free = no damage = low manipulation = healthier hair! Heat-free styles are a plus in my book! Not to mention, flexi rods are flexible allowing you to manipulate the rod to how you see fit. Just coil your hair, starting with your ends, around the rod. Make sure it’s spiraled. You can bend it to lock the curl in place preventing it from unraveling. Its soft spongy material also helps provide comfort while sleeping.

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2. They Last For Days

Depending on the style you are going for, flexi rod sets can last for days. Long lasting styles make life easier and cause less manipulation to the hair. You can stretch a flexi rod style up to a week by doing the pineapple method (piling all of your curls to the top of your head and tying it down with a satin scarf) before going to bed.

3. They’re Great For Any Occasion.

What makes flexi rods even more fun is that they come in all sorts of sizes. You can easily achieve tight coils, with small yellow/orange rods, that will last for days or big loose sexy curls, with big purple rods, for a special night out! The choice is yours! Are you a flexi rod fan? Do you prefer big or tight curls?