Straight Talk: Hairlicious Inc. On Why Coconut Oil Should Be Your Favorite Oil
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For years, relaxed haired women would rely solely on deep conditioners to provide the necessary benefits to aid in keeping their hair strong and healthy. While this is true, now more than ever, natural oils have entered the limelight in playing an essential role in obtaining and maintaining healthier hair.

Out of the many natural oils on the market, coconut oil is my favorite oil in my hair regimen. This liquid gem can deeply penetrate the hair cortex, and as a result, it helps retain moisture, while conditioning and strengthening your hair all at once. I love using the oil as a pre-wash treatment on my dry hair before I shampoo. I leave it on for 20 minutes or, if I’m really in need of extra care, overnight. My relaxed hair always turns out smooth, full and strong each time I use it.

What makes this oil extra special is that it penetrates deeply into the cortex reducing damage to the hair cuticle from daily manipulation such as: combing, brushing, styling etc. Not only does this oil strengthen the hair, but it provides protection too. Coconut oil also attracts protein, which helps in preventing protein loss in the hair.

Most importantly, coconut oil is known to prevent the expansion and contraction of the hair during the uptake and loss of water. Did you know that the swelling and de-swelling of hair is one of the causes of hair damage? Promise me the next time you’re in the health food store, pick up virgin coconut oil—your hair will love you for it!

Valerie Bremang founded Hairlicious Inc. Social Network in 2008 as a platform to educate, inform and encourage women that they can achieve healthy hair.