How to Ignore The Pressure to be Natural
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For years, relaxed hair was the predominant style of choice among Black women. At one point, unless you were a child, it was very unusual not to have relaxed hair. Times have changed and over the past several years, women have become informed, inspired and motivated to grow their hair long, whether they were relaxed or natural. Many started their hair journeys aiming to achieve the hair they’ve always desired, and for some, that meant transitioning back to their natural hair. Throughout my hair journey many of my hair idols, sisters and friends, made the decision to big chop or transition to natural. One by one, relaxed ladies were becoming natural and before I knew it, natural hair was becoming the majority and relaxed hair was the minority. While this movement is truly incredible, where does this leave relaxed haired women? The drumbeat to go natural is louder than ever before. But, through my process I’ve learned to drown out the noise, and do what works for me. Relaxed hair is STILL the best decision for me and my current lifestyle. Choosing to relax your hair doesn’t mean that you have self-hate or that you don’t value how God made you. No matter what you decide, people are going to say something about you, your hair and your hair journey. But at the end of the day, you must be happy with yourself. It’s okay to stand firm in your decision, even if you are in the minority. I love natural hair and I love relaxed hair. I know that my Black is beautiful regardless of the way I choose to wear my hair! Valerie Bremang founded Hairlicious Inc. Social Network in 2008 as a platform to educate, inform and encourage women that they can achieve healthy hair.

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