Ask The Experts: Top Ingredients For Relaxed Hair
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If you don’t know by now, the internal structure of our hair is far more susceptible to breakage than any other hair type. Therefore, it must be treated with care and nourished to grow long and strong. And if your hair is relaxed, even more care is necessary. Relaxers straighten the hair strand by breaking down protein bonds in the curl to loosen the curl pattern. Due to the damaged protein bonds, the basic hair structure is altered and necessary protein bonds are broken, stripping the hair of its strength and elasticity. But, there’s hope!

We caught up with Ron Robinson, Cosmetic Chemist for Aviva Hair Revitalizer to give us an idea of which ingredients are best for relaxed hair. His first pick? Organic coconut oil. “Its fatty acids hydrate the follicles, ensuring shiny, lustrous strands,” he says. “Coconut oil also contains vitamin E, vitamin K and iron—use it for cooking as well!” Take a peek at his other suggestions for healthy relaxed hair.

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