35 Technicolor Protective Hairstyles That Deserve A Standing Ovation

Gone are the days of one-tone dye jobs and boring protective styles. This season, we're witnessing an influx of beautiful brown women diving head first into the technicolor lifestyle. Be it braids, twists, faux locs or crochet, rainbow hues are finding their way into our fall fresh looks and inspiring many to take the same, bold path. Besides famous hair chameleons like Jessica WIlliams, Kelis and of course, Rihanna, there are countless women serving unforgettable mane moments on Instagram. From white hot milkmaid braids to gorgeous green bantu knots, these protective styles are impressive beyond belief. 

Nikki Brown Oct, 05, 2016

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You'll turn just as many heads by incorporating several shades of one color into your hairstyle. 

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Channel your inner Storm from X-Men with white hot tresses. 

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You'll leave everyone green with envy when you flaunt vibrant jumbo twists. 

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Before your next salon appointment, consider working some blue hair into your protective style. 

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Update your go-to protective style by incorporating a vibrant hue, like purple. 

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With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get adventurous with your hair. We love how vibrant grey looks against beautiful, brown skin. 

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These dark and stormy shaded twists are getting us excited for the winter season. 

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Dark roots and light strands are our favorite combination. We can't take our eyes off these bold jumbo braids! 

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If you're not ready to take the full rainbow plunge, dye just a couple of your strands a different color. 

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Will fall in full formation, we're excited to see more beauties embrace rich, chestnut tones. 

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No matter the shade you choose to flaunt, a cute accessory will only add to the slay. 

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Milkmaid braids are way more fun with a pop of color. 

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Who says you always have to go brighter to stand out? Oftentimes, a deeper shade packs more punch. 

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Set your beauty on fire with a head full of radiant red faux locs. 

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Take your standard braids up a notch with this beautiful shade of purple. 

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Rainbow colored tresses are for the bold and confident. 

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Beautiful brown cornrows are the perfect compliment to all of your fall outfits. 

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These multi-colored braids will make a statement whereever you go. 

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We're mesmorized by these locs styled into adorable buns. Fabulous!

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Don't forget to make sure your makeup is just as vibrant as whatever protective style you choose to wear. 

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Keep warm with bubblegum-tinted tresses styled into a high ponytail. 

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Burgundy hues should be on your hair wishlist for fall. 

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If you're going for Old Hollywood glamour, stick with a simple protective style that still turns heads. 

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Whether they're styled into a half-up, half-down style or otherwise, a cool color will take it to the next level. 

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We love seeing brassy, burnt orange protective styles this time of year. Simply gorgeous! 

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Are you bold enough to rock white hot braids? 

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These twists dipped in aqua hues are a beauty risk worth taking. 

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This high braided ponytail has just the right amount of grey; fresh and fabulous! 

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The volume has been turned all the way up for this purple afro. We're obsessed! 

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This beauty is making a case for blue hair during a seaside vacay. 

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If your protective style includes shaved sides, don't be afraid to spruce it up with braids. 

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Vampy lipstick and blonde hair go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

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These brown braids are bomb beyond belief. (Say that three times fast.) 

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This protective style has everything we love: texture, volume and bold color. 

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Faux locs are perfect for fall; especially when you incorporate a little color. 


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