Protective Styling 101: Gravity Defying Faux Fros You Have To See 

Jennifer Ford Jun, 29, 2018

When it comes to low maintenance hairstyles, nothing’s easier than an Afro since it’s simply the way our hair grows out of our heads. And thanks to an array of amazing hair brands, you can now even rock faux Afros via wigs and crochet braiding the hair onto your head –making for the perfect protective styling.

The daily hair care routine for this protective style merely consists of moisturizing and teasing strands, which is why it’s right up our (lazy girls) alley. Not to mention, you can create diverse looks including lived-in hairstyles that will look great for up to 6 weeks.

You can add a bevy of textured hair extensions to fashion everything from a blown out halo to a tight TWA.

No matter the hair pattern, a faux Fro is an effortless and fashionable way to style your strands for the summer. For inspiration on how to slay the look, check out the gallery below.

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You can rock a kinky curly texture.

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You can frame your face with bangs.

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Stun with a kinky faux-fro.

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We love this asymmetrical faux-fro.

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This faux-fro looks like its growing right out of her scalp! #amazing.

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You can even fashion your crochet braids into Afro Puffs

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This definition is gorgeous.

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This faux fro is streteched to perfection.

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This full fro is so good, you'd never know it was faux.

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'Fros don't have to be huge. This cropped 'fro is absolute perfection.

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This 'fro is big, bold and so much fun.

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We can't get enough of this divine 'fro!

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This colored fro is one of our favorites!

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We love when Black women aren't afraid to play with color and this ombred 'fro is straight goals.

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This 'fro proves that sometimes bigger is actually better.


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