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Friday, June 10, 2011

Natural Hair Vloggers are More Influential Than Ever

Raise your hand if you're a natural girl who learned fab styling and maintenance tips from YouTube vloggers! According to The New York Times, you're not alone. In a recent piece on the natural hair vlogging phenomenon, the publication reported that there are hundreds of chemical-free women on YouTube, posting videos, blogs, and tutorials on products, hair tools, styling tips, "transitioning" tricks -- anything that can help their unrelaxed sisthren feel more confident about rocking her textured tresses.

One of the most popular vloggers, Kim Love (aka Kimmaytube), is so influential that her product recommendations regularly rank on Amazon's top best-sellers! The 34-year-old recently quit her six-figure career to vlog full-time and sell natural hair accessories on her own website, LuvNaturals.com. "I decided that if I'm becoming a brand, I'm going to control my image," Ms. Love said. "And I'm going to earn money doing it."

Many vloggers like Love are linking to CurlyNikki.com, a meeting place for curly girls to discuss their issues and share tips. The site's founder, psychotherapist Alicia Nicole Walton, calls it "hair therapy." "More and more black women are going natural," said the 28-year-old, who just created a mobile phone app to assist her readers while shopping for hair products. "I hope that soon, kinky hair will be the standard."