10 Phone Apps That Will Make Your Hair Journey Easier

Curly girls everywhere are creating more efficient and productive techniques for growing their tresses (and taking the hair care industry to new levels), but the buck isn’t stopping with DIY methods and YouTube vlogs. The ever-growing natural hair movement has created a new generation of naturalistas that believe black girl hair care should be just as mobile, personalized and rewarding as any other beauty regimen. Hair care connoisseurs are answering back with the help of smart phone technology, and creating divisive applications for the palm of your hand that track and maintain a healthy hair journey. Scientific hair analysis and customized products regimens are just some benefits of the downloads. The ground-breaking apps also serve as interactive forums in the natural hair community for fellow natural girls to chat or gather hair inspiration for that next new style! Bookmark these downloadable hair care apps as your new must-haves and get a leg up on achieving your next set of #hairgoals.


Alexis Webb Nov, 09, 2016