Amazing Ombre Braids Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Jennifer Ford Jun, 19, 2018

Kankelon braiding hair has a brand new look. It’s now offered in ombre tones including gradual blends of pink, purple, and blue–making it easier than ever to channel your inner unicorn. Instead of defaulting to natural colored hair extensions, upgrade your braids this summer with a bold new hue.

Ombre braids are a safe alternative for experimenting with color and a fun way to take on festival season. We predict that this hair trend will be around for some time, so get acquainted with 17 different ways to rock it below.

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We love these purple lemonade braids.

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These chic lavender braids have a feminine flair.

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What's better than braids? Blue braids! 

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This summer, we're on an ultralight beam.

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There may be 50 shades of gray,  but this platinum gray is lit.

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This style is truly #bobgoals. 

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These baby pink braids are to die for. 

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Whats better than braids? Blue Fulani braids.

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These pastel colors are perfect for the summer season.

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Taste the rainbow. 

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This look proves mermaids are in fact very real!

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Yes, you can be Rapunzel if you want to.

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These box braids have us green with envy.

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These braids are festival hair goals.

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This lady is pretty in pink. 

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The rainbow color gives this individual plait lots of dimensions. 

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These gorgeous braids remind us of a summer sunset. 

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Sweep the floor with beautiful blonde locks.


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