7 New Strand Savers To Covet For Fall

We're just one day into fall and already thinking about how to adjust our beauty regimens. Seasonal transitions and hair routines go hand in hand, as the outside elements usually have a significant effect on scalp and strand health. Thankfully, we're never in short supply since some of our favorite brands are constantly creating new products for us to play with. Don't let this season pass without upgrading your vanity for the cooler weather. From deep treatments to funky tools, here's a new batch of strand savers! 

Essence Sep, 23, 2016

1 of 7 Sephora.com

It’s a smart detangler with more flexible bristles, made specifically for our curls and kinks. $15, sephora.com

2 of 7 randco.com

Shea butter, argan oil and plant extracts hydrate even the driest of locks. $29, amazon.com

3 of 7 naturalhair.org

This soufflé alone will whip your curls into place; no two or three-part hair cocktail required. $11, target.com

4 of 7 devacurl.com

This gentle, moisturizing shampoo is the cure for buildup and debris. $22, sephora.com

5 of 7 walgreens.com

This pre-mixed butter moisturizes and holds without flaking or curdling. $9, target.com

6 of 7 Ulta.com

This S-shaped wand provides defined and voluminous waves or curls. $28, target.com

7 of 7 igkhair.com

When your strands start to stand up, spritz some of this on your hands and graze over the top to get them back in place.


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# Hair