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Super Natural: MahoganyCurls On Not Overspending On Hair Products

Are you spending too much on natural hair care items?
Super Natural: MahoganyCurls On Not Overspending On Hair Products

Every year new natural hair products are reviewed by bloggers and we watch the reviews on YouTube with excitement. Moments later we then run to the store and buy the product that claims to be the latest rage. I am guilty of doing this, and I’m sure you are too. In the beginning of my natural hair journey I wanted every product mentioned on YouTube. When I was able to have a hair product shopping-spree, I felt like a kid in the candy store; it was one of the best feelings in the world. Eventually, I accumulated a lot of products that I did not use and I became a product junkie. I did not realize it at the time, but I know I spent hundreds of dollars every month on new hair care items.

Finding the perfect product was fun, but eventually it became a daunting task. One day I decided to research the ingredients in the products that I used and I realized that the ingredients were the reason why the many products that I had were not working for me. I have learned that reading the ingredient list before I buy any products will save me time and money. Once I started eliminating certain ingredients in my products I realized that I did not have to buy every natural hair product under the sun.

I do enjoy buying my favorite natural hair products, but I do not have the need to spend an excessive amount of money whenever a new natural hair product is introduced. Lesson learned!

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