We all understand that daytime hair care is important, but nighttime care is just as crucial. Protecting your hair at night will not only preserve moisture, but developing a routine, will contribute to the overall health of your hair.

Since my hair is longer I don’t have a long list of hair routines before I rest. I generally protect my hair every night before bed by sleeping in a simple hairstyle known as the pineapple. It’s my favorite go to nighttime healthy hair routine, because it is easy and it doesn’t give my hair too much friction. The pineapple is really simple: It’s a high ponytail that is secured with a scrunchie that actually resembles a pineapple. When I pull my hair into a pineapple, I ensure that the scrunchie is not too tight and it is only wrapped around my hair once. Doing this will prevent tension from my edges, which can lead to traction alopecia.

When resting, I prefer to secure my hair with a satin scrunchie and sleep on a satin pillowcase. The satin scrunchie and pillowcase ensure that my hair does not lose any moisture while I’m resting. The next morning, I remove the pineapple and my curls are still in place. The pineapple is great for longer natural hair, because the next morning my curls are very moisturized and my hair is not frizzy. Over the years I’ve also learned that securing my hair at night elongates my curls for second and third day hair. I do not add additional moisturizers to my hair before I go to sleep because I feel the products that I use during day moisturizes my hair well into the night.

Have you tried the pineapple method? How do you style your hair at night?

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