Super Natural: Afrobella Pens A Letter to Guys: Bald Is Natural, Too
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Most women are used to making big hair decisions . We decide whether to wear it long, short or in between, whether to use relaxer or rock a weave, to go natural with a loose fro or locs, we decide whether or not we want to rock color. For the most part, men don’t have all of this to consider. Most men wear their hair more or less in the same style, making minor changes to cut or shape. And then ultimately, nature makes the final hair decision for most men. Male pattern baldness is real in these streets, and many of our fathers, husbands and friends are dealing with it as best as they can, but they’re probably not talking about it much. It has to be a weird and disheartening experience to see your hair fall out, and to have to either try to cover up the affected area, or act like you’re stoic and unbothered by it all.

I see parallels between men who are going bald and decide to shave their heads, and women who experience relaxer-related hair growth issues and decide to go natural. For both of us, there’s a period of coming to terms with what you’ve gotta do, there’s a learning curve on the best methods and products you’ll be needing to maintain your new look, and there’s the courage and chutzpah required to just DO it already.

If your guy is facing the inevitability of baldness, I offer these three best bits of advice.

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