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Super Natural: Afrobella on Her Fave Diana Ross Hair Moments

I remember the moment like it was yesterday, because it made such a deep impression on me. My family was gathered in the living room to watch the televised version of Diana Ross in Central Park, a concert for the ages that changed so many things for me. I can pinpoint it to the day – July 21, 1983. That was the day that Diana Ross sang her heart out before thousands, and her hair was a catalyst for change in my heart. The morning after seeing Diana’s Central Park special, I came sashaying down the stairs with a towel on my head. She made me want to have big, wild, highly textured hair. She made me realize coils and curls and frizz could in fact be beautiful and desirable. My love for big, natural hair began that day.Diana Ross hasn’t only been a beauty icon for me, she’s inspired generations throughout her career. Let’s take a look at her influence, decade by decade.