Salon vs. DIY: Which is Better For You?
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Natural hair is so exciting and fun in many ways, but the best thing about being natural is that you can style it yourself. This is something you probably were not used to doing before you decided to transition to your natural tresses. Your favorite websites such as YouTube serve as a great DIY guide for natural hair styling. The question is, when is it okay to style your hair at home and when it is time to use a stylist.

From my experience, styling your at home is great. It is very inexpensive and I am always proud of myself when I achieve a style myself rather than spending money myself and going to the salon. Day to day maintenance such as cleansing and moisturizing your hair is definitely something that you can do in your own home. I feel that same way when it comes to achieving certain styles such twistouts, braidouts, and bunning can be achieved at home.

On the other hand, I feel that if you’re interested in coloring your hair, cutting it or even styling it with heat you probably should consider the hair salon. If you are not skilled in this area, I would definitely suggest visiting a stylist that specializes in natural hair to ensure that your hair will be properly taken care of while achieving the style of your choice. I do feel that at the end of the day it is personal preference whether you would like to go to the salon or style your hair at home.

Have fun and always do what works for you!

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