Read This Before Starting College With Natural Hair
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When I was in college, I did not wear my natural hair. I remember I would rush to the salon a week before school started to ensure that my hair was styled perfectly for the first day. I would spend my entire day and all of my money at the salon. Since natural hair is becoming mainstream I have noticed that less people are obsessed with going to the salon to get their natural hair styled before classes begin. My sister is a natural teen attending college. Instead of going to the salon before school starts, she decides to watch tutorials on YouTube so that she can achieve the desired style of her choice. It’s amazing.

If you’re starting college with natural hair be sure to prep your hair before the first day. For instance, wearing a twistout the first day of school consists of ensuring that your hair is completely dry before you wake up. You do not want to have damp hair the first day. Ensuring that you properly prepped your hair is the most important step. Once you have mastered this, everything will fall into place.

Keep in mind that people will ask questions about your hair. Always remember to smile and explain your journey; you never who you may inspire.

There are more naturals in school (including grade school!) then ever before. Embrace your curls and the lifestyle change. It’s beautiful.