Curling wands are the new “it” styling tools in the hair industry. Curling wands allow you to create soft bouncy spirals without the hassle of sitting under a hair dryer all day. But, because it applies heat directly to your hair, it’s very important that you use it sparingly. Here is why I think you should get into curling wands this winter season.

Reason 1: You can create achieve a ton of volume with the curling wand. I have noticed that my hair is always voluminous whenever I use the curling wand.

Reason 2: It can be used for many different hairstyles. You can get very creative with a curling wand. High ponytails, updos, mini twists, all can be style with a curling wand. It will bring out the best of any hairdo.

Reason 3: It can be used on all hair types. The curling wand can create curls on all hair types. The tool brings out the versatility of your natural hair regardless of your type.

Reason 4: They bring old hairstyles to life. Just apply your heat protectant and curl your hair. It is that easy and it isn’t time consuming.

Reason 5: They’re inexpensive. A good curling wand at your local drugstore can come in under $30. Compared to flatirons they are much cheaper and if used properly does not require too much direct heat. It’s definitely a win-win!