Kentucky High School’s Dress Code ‘Stinks of Racism,’ Bans Dreadlocks, Cornrows And Braids
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The beauty and versatility of natural hair is something that should be celebrated — not dismissed. However, Butler Traditional High School in Louisville has decided “dreadlocks,” “braids,” “twists, and “cornrolls” (which we’re assuming they mean cornrows) are “extreme,” “distracting” and ultimately not allowed to be worn by any of its students. If you’re shocked, you’re not alone. Kentucky state representative elect Attica Scott took to Twitter on Wednesday to express her dismay over the school’s racially insensitive stance after her daughther brought home Bulter High’s registration info that included the dress code policy. “I don’t understand why we’re going to focus on something like natural hair styles when we should be focused on education. They specifically outlined hairstyles that are worn most by black kids. To me, this stinks of institutional racism,” Scott, who is the first black woman to serve in the Kentucky state legislature in 20 years and wears her hair in locs, told In fact it reaks of racism. The hairstyles mentioned in the policy are deeply rooted in Black history and culture therefore they are traditional not extreme. Stunning not distracting. Those sentiments were echoed by several Twitter users who commented on Scott’s post, including: Since coming under fire Butler High School has tweeted a statement saying that are open to hearing feedback and are holding a meeting to discuss the matter on Friday, since the dress code is ultimately created by a special decision-making council. Let’s hope the coucil quickly recongnizes how racially insensitive and tone deaf the policy truly is — and hits delete. WANT MORE FROM ESSENCE? Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news.