Jodie's Product Picks

DOOBOP co-founder and brown beauty guru Jodie Patterson shares her top product picks for natural hair.

Crystal G. Martin Mar, 19, 2014

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"This brand takes a minimalist approach using fewer targeted, high-quality ingredients. I'd say it's for the girl who's natural but has a looser, fluffier curl." ($34)

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"This is a French brand with a female African chemist—she's outstanding. PhytoSpecific combines science and nature, using plant-extracts to rebuild and nourish textured hair. We’re the only company in the States that sells the entire line. I use the Ultra Repair Night Treatment every night. After all my pregnancies, my hair was really fragile—this made it stronger."

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"This French brand is like Chanel for hair. The formula is decadent. The packaging is beautiful and so elegant. I was skeptical that it would be right for curls but it really  works.  You know how French women don’t have fast fashion? They have a few items—the best of the best. It’s the same concept with this brand. You don’thave to slop it on. It’s so concentrated. Absolutely fantastic!" ($125)

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"This Italian line has a remarkable motto. They don't want to be the biggest brand—they're striving to be the most beautiful," says Patterson. The Naturaltech Nourishing Shampoo ($25.50) is one of her favorites.

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"This conditioner is unvelieable. It does exactly what you want it to do. You put it in your hair and it becomes soft and healthy. There's a perfect amount of slip, but there's no silicone coating your hair. It's hydrating from the inside out.  Thisis one of the best conditioners I’ve ever used—hands down." ($31)

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"Andre Walker is Oprah's personal stylist. He’s been with her for 20 years. His line is all about hydration, and it's interesting because Andre's philosophy on washing is different than most. He thinks you should wash as often as you can—two to three times per week. The idea is that if you're using the right products to wash, you’re restoring nutrients in the hair. Products like his shampoo and conditioner are like food for the follicle."


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