When ESSENCE Beauty & Style Director, Pamela Edwards Christiani, P&G’s Dr. Rakisha Thompson, celebrity hair stylist Darico Jackson and YouTube sensations, Glam Twinz (Kendra and Kelsey) get together to talk about healthy hair, you definitely want to pay attention.

Is Your Hair Healthy Enough to Wear Extensions?

The topic? Maintaining healthy and beautiful natural hair.

My Black is Beautiful has launched a “Healthy Hair is Truth” or #HairTruth campaign that unites a collection of P&G’s haircare brands– including Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences and Aussie — to showcase the imporatnce of healthy hair. Natural hair in particular holds a unique beauty that required specialized care and luckily, the esteemed panel had plenty to share. Here’s a rundown of what we learned: 

Protective styles will help you transition to natural:
Not only are protective styles fierce, but they’re functional. The Glam Twinz swear by protective styles, especially when they started their natural journey. Keeping your hair moisturized is the major key for these styles that keep your natural hair tucked away and protected. 

Transitioning to natural requires care and patience:
The Glam Twinz urged anyone who is going natural to have patience with their hair as it returns to its natural state. There will be different textures, there will be frizz and there will be frustration, but be patience because the payoff is luxurious and healthy hair.

You will need products:
The Glam Twinz stressed the necessity for products. They suggested Patene conditioner, because it’s a conditioner with a “good slip.” This means the conditioner allows for the ultimate effectiveness in detangling. You need to start on the ends first and work your way up. And when you detangle, make sure you use your fingers. You have to section your hair when detangling and if you rush, you could cause breakage. Be gentle with your hair. And the Glam Twinz said, “Be good to your hair, it will be good to you.”

Contrary to popular belief, silicone is good for natural hair:
Silicone helps provide moisture and heat protection to hair. Some silicones are actually good for your hair and P&G always locks in the best ingredients for their products.

Never forget about your ends:
In order to promote hair growth, you have to take care of the ends. That means moisturizing, trimming and treating your ends like the rest of your hair. This should go without saying, but all hair grows. The ends break when you’re not taking care of them, so you may think it’s not growing.

Reduce the heat on your hair:
Excessive heat is not good for your hair. It will cause damage. Hair grows faster and retains length when there’s limited heat on it. The Glam Twinz say that their number one healthy hair growth tip is to do a no-heat summer. Go ahead, challenge yourself!

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