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This 30 Second Tutorial Is A Game Changer For Graduates With Natural Hair

No bobby pins necessary for this ingenious and efficient hack. 


If there’s one thing we love seeing this time of year, it’s beautiful Black women walking the graduation stage. And although the occasion is plenty cause for celebration, those with natural hair are well acquainted with the anguish that accompanies wearing those caps.

Sure, they’re fun to decorate and throw in the air, but whoever invented them obviously didn’t consider just how unforgiving they are on top of textured tresses.  Thankfully, we can rely on beauty bloggers like Chizi Duru for clever ways to slay the big day without sacrificing style and comfort.

Her YouTube videos are a treasure trove of brown girl-approved beauty hacks and the best part is that they’re actually doable. In short: you won’t spend hours pressing play and pause, trying to replicate a complicated routine that looked easy when you saw it on Instagram. Her latest how-to is no different. 

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This week, Duru (who is also a college student) came to the rescue with a mini tutorial on how to secure natural hair under a graduation cap. In under one minute, she creates a sturdy base by securing a black headband to the center of the hat with scotch tape. The result is a stable topper that won’t slip and slide on the top of whatever hairstyle you choose to wear.  


She also recommends using hot glue or duct tape in place of scotch tape for added security. It’s so simple and smart; how did we not think of this?! Watch the full tutorial here.  


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