The moment we stumbled upon the popular FROS & BEAUS Instagram account, we were instantly addicted. Great hair and good love – it’s the perfect combination. We teamed up with the account’s creator, naturalista Joiya Cloud, to create a gallery of our favorite photos and find out more about those fros and those sweet love stories. We also couldn’t resist finding out a little more about the (smart!) lady behind all the fun. Read our interview with the DMV native below then click to see which looks and love stories made our hot list!

Why did you create FROS & BEAUS?
I created FROS & BEAUS as an extension of my own natural hair journey. I wanted to contribute to the natural hair world beyond sharing hairstyles and products.

Where do you see this movement going?
I see people learning about love, and more importantly, self-love. I see people changing their perceptions – that is, I see more Black men being proponents of a Black woman’s decision to wear their hair natural and corresponding processes like “big chops.” I see more men loving afro’d hair women without feeling pressure to project on them popular culture’s idea of beauty. I see less women saying “Black men don’t like natural hair” because they see just the opposite on our page. I see Black women ridding themselves of the idea that “I don’t look attractive with natural hair.” Largely, this is about the images on FROS & BEAUS shifting people’s focus. 

What was the inspiration behind giving the fellas a little shine too?
The “beaus”, the men who support Black women naturally, truly inspire me. They are leaders, men who think for themselves and don’t easily conform to society’s standards. As much as the natural hair trend has grown, it is still undoubtedly not the standard.
What has the overall response been? 
Sheer support! Many naturalistas have expressed their love for our page. People have joined in on our mission of “celebrating girls with their naturals and the men who support them” including celebrities, actresses and artists. We are thankful.
Are you a naturalist yourself?
Yes, I am a proud natural for 15 years. I was featured in’s “Top Naturalistas On Instagram You Must Know” feature in the past.

Do you have a beau?
My beau is life, and we’re madly in love!

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